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Mon Chéri Cattery Reviews With Customer Photos

See Mon Chéri Cattery customer reviews and shout outs along with submitted photos of our adorable kittens settled into their new furever homes. We just love happy endings! 

Cindy Rich Shout Out

Cindy Rich shout out on Facebook

Cindy Rich of Sebastian, Florida gave us a shout out on Facebook! “Thank you for getting my dog a soul mate.” Mon Chéri Jasper looks like he has found his soul mate too!

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Shepard Family Review

Peanut Chocolate Tabby Exotic Shorthair Kitten in Seattle Washington
Mon Chéri Peanut chillin with his dog brother

“Well Peanut is very happy here! We are really surprised how well he is at both being potty trained and around our other pets. Our two Great Danes have already brought him into the pack and are super sweet together!” 

– The Shepard Family of Seattle, Washington

Peanut Chocolate Tabby Exotic Shorthair Kitten in Seattle Washington
The Shepard family of Seattle, Washington with Mon Chéri Peanut
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Theresa J. Review

Theresa J of Westcliffe, Colorado with Mon Chéri Cactus
Theresa J with Mon Chéri Cactus Flower

“I purchased this gorgeous calico from Mon Cheri Cattery, and I’m in love! This girl is of excellent quality, in health, conformation, and best of all, temperament!

She is super affectionate, and oh the colors!
Nancy is a wealth of knowledge, and is so helpful in understanding this breed! I was a little hesitant to purchase online, but this is a really professional and reputable breeder. Any concerns I had were put to rest.
I look forward to many years with my beautiful Cactus Flower…. Thank you, Nancy, for a great experience and such a gorgeous kitty!”

– Theresa J. of Westcliffe, Colorado

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Debi Gollhofer Review

Deb G Solid Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Sleeping beauties Debi and her new chocolate smoke Exotic Longhair kitten Mon Chéri Skye

“Absolutely love Nancy at Mon Cheri Cattery and her kittens! My daughter and I purchased a chocolate smoke from her and she is stunning!!! My daughter named her Skye. Skye is the most beautiful, loving, loud purring and playful kitten ever! Nancy was so kind and helpful! She sent us updated pictures until the moment we got her too, which was so appreciated! I’m going back for a chocolate boy, that’s how much we love them! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!”

– Debi Gollhofer of Monnet, Missouri

Please click on images below Debi sent us to enlarge!

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Nichole Cruse Review

The Cruise family enjoys their new little Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair kitten in Olathe, Kansas.
Mia with Dunkin Sunshine, her Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair Kitten from Mon Chéri Cattery
Mon Chéri Cattery Dunkin Sunshine
Mia and her beloved Dunkin taking a nap

“We are heading to Wisconsin with Dunkin in tow! Both Mia and him are passed out! If that’s doesn’t tell you how amazing and docile your line is!”

– Nichole Cruse of Olathe, Kansas

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Tracy F. Review

Tracy F's Marlon Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten
Our rare chocolate smoke Exotic Longhair kitten (Formerly Marlon) is happy in his new forever home with Tracy F!

“Hi Nancy, Fletcher (formerly knows as Marlon) is settling in well in his new home. 

I can’t thank you enough for making this whole dream happen and wanted to share all of this with your new potential Mon Cheri friends and former Mon Cheri friends. 

I found Mon Cheri in my google search and saw this beautiful chocolate smoke Exotic Shorthair named Marlon and immediately knew he was the one. It took a couple of days for me to reach out wanting to give myself time to weight it all out but after losing several nights of sleep and not being able to get him off my mind, I knew I just had to make the call because I had to have this little guy. He stole my heart at first sight and I truly believe I was brought to Mon Cheri cattery for a reason. So I made the call with fingers crossed I’d be the purrrfect home for him.  Nancy made the whole process easy and we chatted for quite some time and she answered all my questions even those with what food he is eating now and kitty litter he uses. Nancy even made the process of bringing my new purrrfect little kitten home a breeze by being able to utilize her recommended pet transport team. Couldn’t have gone easier or smoother. Didn’t take Marlon very long when he got home to want to get out and explore his new digs and has settled in with no issues what so ever. 

He sleeps throughout the night right next to my bed (still too small to be able to jump up on it but he’s content being close by). He has not had one accident in the house so Nancy’s littler box training is top notch. 

He loves playing with his butterfly friend that flip flops and flies around, or racing through the tunnel and pouncing on it to get to some hidden toys inside and he enjoys playing with his sea animals (lobster and turtle) and batting the balls around in his new  toy. He’s also a finger chaser/player when laying next to me on the couch. So funny. 

Ahh life through the eyes of a kitten. So rewarding!

If anyone is on the fence of buying a Mon Cheri kitten, trust me, and all the others who have, just do it. Nancy raises top notch Exotics and truly cares about each and everyone she raises. No disappointment here. And Nancy is always a phone call away to answer any questions that may come up once you have your little one home with you  I look forward to adding another in the near future. 

– Marlon’s (aka Fletcher) new Mom Tracy ”

Please click on images below of Fletcher in her furever home to enlarge!

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Musleh Family Review

Musleh Family with one of their Mon Cheri Cattery Kittens
One of the four Mon Cheri Cattery Exotic Shorthair kittens purchased by the Musleh Family

“I would love to start off by saying that Nancy is absolutely phenomenal. She is very informative and truly cares about the wellbeing and health of our kittens/cats. She taught us everything we ever needed to know simply by communicating with us. Communication is key. We purchased two kittens from her in May 2020 Dragon & Unicorn, a female and male Exotic Shorthair. We were so happy with our new addition to the family that we recently purchased another Exotic Short hair kitten from Nancy on May 2022 and just recently added one more precious kitten to our family this week, December 2022. We have a total of four kittens/cats and we would always and forever continue this relationship with this Outstanding Company. I give them 100 stars 🌟. I recommend them to everyone! Our cats names are Dragon, Unicorn, Gucci & Storm.


– The Musleh Family of Crown Point, Indiana

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Dorothy R. Review

Dorothy Young with Mon Cheri Mia Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Dorothy R. with Mon Cheri Mia

“Mia is a charmer. Loves, loves, loves to play with balls. She would make a tremendous hockey player. With both front feet she goes like lightning from one end of the house to the other. In the morning she loves to lie next to me for 30 minutes or so of petting. You can hear her soft purring. Should I get up at night, there she is, ready to be picked up, put in bed and get some more petting.

Right now I am having a major battle with the Christmas tree. Wish I had not even put one up this year. She is determined. Just when I thought I had won the battle, I did not win. It is an artificial one and I only put decorations where I thought she could not reach them. Bad mistake. Took a picture of her the other day when she found a way to get inside a box to play. She’s so funny also. Absolutely any open door is an invitation to her. She already knows what the security chime means when it goes on, so here she comes ready to go inside the garage or any other door. I have to be really quick to stop her from going through any door–kitchen, pantry, closets etc. Doors are just an invitation to her to explore. She’s such a wonderful little girl. I love Mia. She’s wonderful.” 

– Dorothy R. of Texarcana, Texas

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Darlene Filmore Review

Darlene Fillmore's Cocoa Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Darlene Filmore's Sweet Coco

“I wish I had taken a picture of Coco when I got her next to a vase or something so you could see how big she is. I just wanted to say hi and tell you I had a doctor appointment today for refill on my med. And the doctor said you look good all your tests are good I lost 8 lb. And blood pressure was 126 over 77. She asked what have you been doing? I told I got a kitten. It’s like am a live again. I am happy 😊.  She brings so much joy to my life. And of course I got tears in my eyes about talking about Coco. She has made such a difference in my life. Even sitting here talking to you I have a tear rolling down my face.”

– Darlene Filmore of Fresno, California

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Dylan P. Review

Dylan's Mon Cheri Cattery Kitten Black Exotic Shorthair Lucille
Dylan's Hillarious Lucille

“Our Lucille is hilarious. She’s so well behaved but if we catch her knocking things down or climbing up too high and you can tell that she’s embarrassed. She never makes any sounds and just comes across as such a polite little lady 😂 our other cat “Papas” chases her around the house and tries to bite her legs but she sticks up for herself. The dog is terrified of “Pappas” but loves Lucille because she’s so nice. Luci is such a funny little cat and has a very snobby attitude. If you try to pick her up when she doesn’t want to, she just trots away like you offended her. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her hiss other than for about 30 seconds when we introduced Pappas to the house. Now they love each other and we always say that he’s a bad influence on Lucille. She’s just the best cat, thank you again she is seriously like the highlight of our household. Every day she makes us laugh!!!”

– Dylan P. of Cohasset, Massachusetts

Mon Chéri Lucille is a shining star on TikTok with almost half a million likes! Follow this starlet’s glamorous life on TikTok!

Please click on images below of Lucille in her furever home to enlarge!

Update: Dylan recently sent us a video of Lucille playing! See video

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Carolyn A. Review

Carolyn Avila with her beloved Pueblo from Mon Chéri Cattery
Gorgeous Male Seal Point Mon Chéri Pueblo

“We are so enjoying our Pueblo, a beautiful seal point male Exotic Shorthair we got from Mon Chéri Cattery. He is very healthy and well-socialized. Really a kind natured and loving guy. Highly recommend this cattery as they produce high quality cats.”

– Carolyn A.

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Diana Ruppert Review

Diana Ruppert Mon Cheri Cattery Kitten
Diana's Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kitten

“My hubby and I bought a beautiful chocolate exotic shorthair kitten from Mon Cheri Cattery! Our sweet girl is the best kitten! She’s smart and playful and purrs all the time. We’ve kept her on her same kitten food and she’s thriving. Our vet says she’s the nicest kitten he’s ever seen. She’s a little chocolate butterball! Thanks Nancy! You were honest and kind and we will be buying another kitten from you this spring! We won’t go anyplace else!”

 – Diana Ruppert of Selma, North Carolina

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Jana D. Review

Jana D Boynton Beach, Florida Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Margot is happily in Boynton Beach, Florida

“I am so happy with my new kitten from Mon Chéri. The process has been amazing from start to delivery with Nancy. My kitten Margot is an absolute joy.  She is so playful loving happy and healthy. I am definitely recommending this breeder for its world-class standards. I’ve had purebred kitten before but this one is special.  I would highly suggest if you are thinking about getting a kitten to look no further. 

This has been a great move for my family and we are enjoying spoiling our gorgeous girl.”

Thank you Nancy!

– Jana D., Boynton of Beach, Florida

Please click on images below of Margot in her furever home to enlarge!

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Piper's Mom Review

Daughter and Chocolate Bicolor Are Best Friends
Piper with her kitten
Mon Cheri Cattery Piper Chocolate Bicolor Exotic Shorthair Kitten

“Best buddies like you said they would be. They watch movies and play games together. My daughter got an app for kitties so they can play together chasing objects on the screen and it actually works lol! This is Piper my youngest daughter taking the baby to her first vet visit she is the talk of the town here!! Everyone loves her.” 

– Piper’s Mom

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From Our Customers

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