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See Mon Chéri Cattery reviews with videos and photos submitted by our happy customers!

Hendrickson Family Review

Hendrickson Family Burlingame, California with Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kittens

“My partner and I got our two wonderful boys, Mousse and Maurice (originally Cadbury and Toffee) from Mon Cheri Cattery. They are so loving and playful and follow each other everywhere (even wait for the other when using the litter box!) We worked closely with Nancy before making the big decision to purchase. She promptly answered any questions we had and even sent videos and pictures upon request. We were fortunate that we had the option to have the kittens shipped to us via pet nanny. They’re very well behaved – no accidents, they sleep under our bed and stay asleep until we awaken in the morning, they don’t bite or attack our hands, and are patient when we have to clean their eyes or trim their nails. They have so much personality and bring us so much joy. We cant imagine life without them!”

– Hendrickson Family of Burlingame, California

See the Hendrickson family’s submitted photos and video below!

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Wang Family Mon Chéri Cattery Review

Wang Lilac Bicolor Exotic Shorthair Kitten
Mon Chéri Bobby in his furever home!

“I especially wanna thank Nancy for breeding such an excellent exotic shorthair kitten! Nancy made every process so simple from reserving to pickup. This is super love from God giving for. I still remember the first day that getting our Bobby home. In the next few days, I kept company with him. He started to explore his new castle. During this time, you can see his unique active, naive, smart, and humored personality inside. Now I find the only thing that my baby does daily is eat, sleep, and play. Also, he is a little scientist. Every time when I use my laptop to work, Bobby must come over and places his foot on the keyboard and types together with me. He grows so faster, healthier, and stronger now. Every morning, he definitely jumps on my chest to sleep with me, which becomes kind of happy troubles while such a big meat ball on my chest. It is not easy to feed a pet. However, you will see their growing and needing you all the time. When you are in bad moods, they are just here with you, watching you with flat round face and big round eyes. When you get home from outside, you will see them sitting at door to welcome you home. When you feel this, everything you give for them is worth it.”

– Dr Xiaowen Wang of Columbia, Missouri

See photo and video below of additional Mon Chéri Cattery kitten purchased by the Wang Family!

Wang Family Mon Chéri Cattery Kittens
Mon Chéri Bobby & his new sister Mon Chéri Lulu!

UPDATE: The Wang Family has added a second Mon Chéri kitten!

 “I feel so happy that Lulu and Bobby get super well with each other. Lulu follows Bobby like a little maid everyday! We feel super lucky and happy to have these two sweeties to keep company with us. Thank you for breeding such outstanding kittens!”

– Dr Xiaowen Wang, Columbia, Missouri 

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Brenda Lecocq Mon Chéri Cattery Review

Brenda Leconq Buster Boy Kitten
Mon Chéri Beau (formerly named Buster) is very loved by Brenda!

“Nancy Christie is a very caring person and took the time to talk with me to match me with the perfect kitten. The kitten was shipped from Arkansas to Virginia to its new home. Nancy stayed in constant communication with me until I received my healthy and beautiful kitten. We have stayed in communication, and I send photos and videos to show how he is thriving in his new home. I am so happy and pleased with this cattery and their customer service and care.” 

– Beau & Brenda Lecocq of Virginia

See Beau’s very own Facebook page with videos and photos of him in his new home!

See Brenda’s photos and video below!

Mon Chéri Buster Boy Sleeps with the Dog
"Finally we are resting! When this guy stopped playing. He is already the leader of the house. He walks on top of the dog and they slept together last night in my bed."

Video transcript: ”Obviously not too scarred from the trip across the country*. I fed him, gave him water and all he wants to do is play.”

*A Pet Nanny brought Beau (or formerly named Buster Boy) from Arkansas to Virginia

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Erica M. Mon Cheri Review

“Hi… We got “Sweetheart” a couple of weeks ago and can’t be happier with her. She is the most beautiful, sweet loving kitten and she fits perfect with our lil family. She already best friends with her big brother Smokey and her big sister Stormi the Pom. Thank you Nancy for choosing me as her mommy. She gonna be spoiled rotten”
– Erica M
Read this review live on our Mon Chéri Facebook mentions
See the video below that Erica M. submitted of Sweetheart in her new home… And behold the heart on her side which earned her the name “Sweetheart.”
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Amy W. Mon Chéri Cattery Review

“Well I am head over heels in love! After a little bit of midnight playtime, all of the kids were sound asleep and my mommy instincts kicked in! I snuggled little Figgy to my chest and he nuzzled into my neck and began purring. I laid with him in my bed and he proceeded to snuggle for the rest of the night!!! He wanted to be with people without a doubt! He woke up frisky and ready to go! The girls are having so much fun with this little ball of cuteness. He even went to the litter box mid playtime to use the potty! I’m so impressed with this little guy! Such a sweetheart! Thank you!” 

– Amy W., Orlando, Florida

See photos and videos submitted by Amy W. of her beloved Mon Chéri Figgy! Please click on images below to enlarge.

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For more customer submitted videos, visit our You Tube channel. We have a playlist of customer submitted videos showing our kittens in their new forever homes.

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