Mon Chéri Cattery

Mon Cheri Cattery

Our Queens

Queen Violet caring for her babies
Queen Violet caring for her chocolate Exotic Shorthair newborn kittens.

Our Mon Chéri Queens have beautiful, friendly, and healthy Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Longhair kittens. Our moms are incredibly special and get treated like the queens they are! These great moms absolutely adore their babies and you can see their love in how they care for them.

We take excellent care of our exotic Queen cats. Cleanliness, sanitation, daily attention, meticulous record-keeping, and a lot of love are put into our cattery to ensure we are breeding healthy, beautiful, and sweet kittens.

Queen Stonecreek I Am Aimee

Calico Exotic Shorthair Female Cat

Meet Queen Stonecreek I Am Aimee! What a treasure to have this calico Exotic Shorthair cat. She’s such a lovely lady! Aimee gets along with everyone and is always first to greet us at breakfast. Of course, she wants to eat before we get our coffee!

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Queen Stonecreek Callie

Brown Patch Tabby Exotic Shorthair Cat

Queen Callie is our beautiful brown patch tabby Exotic Shorthair cat. We’ve always bred her to Blu because there’s no improving what’s proven to produce perfect exotic shorthair kittens!

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Queen Jasmine

Brown Patch Tabby Exotic Shorthair Cat

Queen Jasmine is our extreme-faced tabby van Persian cat! We love her beautiful deep copper eyes. We pair her with Panda for outstanding exotic shorthair and Persian kittens. We are particularly pleased with the coat qualities of the longhairs… very silky and easy to comb.

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Queen Mon Chéri Cupcake

Tabby Van Exotic Shorthair Cat

Queen Mon Chéri Cupcake is an outstanding show-quality tabby van Exotic Shorthair cat! She loves the limelight and a camera is her best friend. She has a “bottlebrush” tail that we all love to see! One of our very best Exotic Shorthair girls!

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Queen Mon Chéri Contessa

Chocolate Tortie Point Exotic Shorthair Cat

Meet Mon Chéri Queen Contessa! We had to submit eight pictures of this girl to CFA as she’s such a gorgeous rare color! She is a chocolate tortie point bicolor Persian cat! She’s a Starbucks girl! 

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Queen Mon Chéri Paris

Solid Blue Exotic Shorthair Cat

Queen Paris is our beautiful young solid blue Exotic Shorthair cat. As a Blu daughter, she has a beautiful face and clear blue coat with no white. She becomes more beautiful with each passing day.

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Queen Miss Peeps

Tabby Van Exotic Shorthair Cat

Guess why her name is Miss Peeps? This is our fancy pants girl. She’s first on my lap to watch tv every night. She prefers the weather channel to the news! She’s everything I could ask for in a tabby van exotic shorthair cat!

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Queen Mon Chéri Bridgett Pure Chocolate Bliss

Female Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Cat

Mon Chéri Bridgett Pure Chocolate Bliss is a sweet little solid chocolate Exotic Shorthair cat. We have retained this special girl into our home for future kittens. She’s one to watch for the ribbons.

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Queen Gigi

Female Tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair Cat

Queen Gigi is a beautiful Exotic Shorthair chocolate tortoiseshell cat! We have big plans for her exquisite bloodlines! In-person her coat glistens with gold! This young Queen is certainly royalty!

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Queen Mon Chéri April in Paris

Lilac Point Exotic Shorthair Cat

Meet Queen April in Paris, she’s one of my favorite girls. She’s a lilac point Exotic Shorthair cat and a carrier of chocolate and color point. April give us beautiful kittens!

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Queen Mon Chéri Amalie

Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Cat

Mon Cheri Cattery Amelie is a very regal chocolate smoke Exotic Longhair cat. Perfect silky midi-coat, perfect face and structure. She has that outgoing “everybody loves me” personality that is a hallmark of Mon Cheri Cattery cats! 

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Queen Mon Chéri Coquette

Chocolate Color Point Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Mon Chéri Coquette is a gorgeous chocolate point or some may refer to as a chocolate color point Exotic Shorthair cat with a splendid pedigree.

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